First up is a gripping tale of deceit, lies and murder most foul as author Wilhelm Morris brings us the third installment of his popular Spiffy Sinclair – Junior Booking Agent series. In Morris’ latest thriller Spiffy must negotiate deals for shows by Joan Baez and Lyle Lovett, while at the same time solve the mysterious death of an independent concert promoter who was run down in front of the Denver’s by a Cadillac with a Scottish-style raincoat draped over its hood. Although The Fleetwood Mac packs the usual ingredients of a concert page turner – contracts, roadies, Teamsters and lighting trusses, it’s the excruciatingly-detailed booking agency scenes where Morris really shines, as the author gives the reader more than a behind-the scenes peak into the maelstrom known as the agency mailroom where information is king, power is merely a stepping stone to glory and everyone dreams of the day they can meet Cher.

Next up is a tale of conspiracy that seems so real the reader will swear that it has already happened. Ace music critic, Spleef McDuff, while reviewing shows by Nickelback and Blur, uncovers a plot by nefarious concert industry bagmen to rename every single sports arena after Verizon Communications. With the movie rights already snapped up by Hollywood (Spielberg and Tarantino are rumored to be fighting for the director’s chair), expect Murder In the Skybox to be on everybody’s nightstand. Even Oprah is reading it!

Gothic horror at its darkest awaits readers in the story of a southern matron who secretly keeps a neo-punk band locked in the attic of her antebellum mansion for over thirty years as she forces the quartet to play revved-up cover versions of songs by Anne Murray, Olivia Newton-John and Celine Dion. Robert Sillerman’s Hush Hush Good Charlotte has everything the concert crime fan loves, including violent mosh pits, voluptuous tour managers, incredible body piercings and bloodcurdling ticket service charges. Whatever you do, don’t read this one alone.

Coming up later this week we’ll examine the reemergence of the concert techno-thriller, including a special look at the book that’s considered the grandfather of the genre – Tom Clancy’s gruesome mix of the Red Elvises, stealth submarine technology and a masked Halloween killer in The Hunt For Red Rocktober. See ya later!