What type of individual gets excited about the routing for Robben Ford? Who becomes emotional upon seeing the listings for Jonny Lang and Poi Dog Pondering? Who actually weeps when seeing the new listing for George Hamilton IV?

Yes, those are descriptions of just some of the concert fans around the globe that make up the Pollstar.com family of users. Rich man, poor man, keggar man, geek – they all like to start each day with a hot cup of joe and brand new concert info dished up by our faithful servers. And it’s no wonder. For a day without tour dates, such as the latest itineraries for Elvis Costello and Bjorn Again, is like a day in that place where the sun don’t shine – dark, lonely and incredibly odorous. Like the restrooms at the , but with less space and zero cakes.

However, rather than attempt to describe the average Pollstar.com user, it might be easier to describe those who don’t spend daily quality time with the Web’s number one third-party concert database. A quick perusal of all the registered users since 1931 reveals fascinating tidbits of data reflecting the inner souls of Pollstar.com users past and present.

For example, Richard Nixon never bothered to look up the schedules for Chicago or The Doobie Brothers while he huddled in the Oval Office with all his men, servants and plumbers. Tailgunner Joe McCarthy was too busy peeping under beds for commies to notice the listings for Simply Red and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Furthermore, neither Albert Einstein, Wernher Von Braun or any of their peers hardly ever found the time to check out the additional dates for Santana, Eagle-Eye Cherry and the Eagles, leading one to suspect that there are no rocket scientists among the Pollstar.com user-base.

What’s that you say? You say that history had other plans for those great men of days gone by, and that they had no time for The Slackers or Therapy? You say that the world is a different place today, and with all the marvels of technology, the Tony Blairs and Yasser Arafats of the world have plenty of leisure time for Guster, Drive-By Truckers and Chauncey? And what about our own Commander in Chief? Surely G.W Bush. a known music fan, who likes to get down and dirty in the political mosh pit known as world affairs, has time for a quick glance at the performance calendar for Gilby Clarke and Sophie B. Hawkins.

Don’t be ridiculous. After all, conquering Iraq, fighting terrorism and creating tax cuts leaves very little time to catch up with Less Than Jake or Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff, and one can hardly expect the man in the Oval Office to break away from his busy schedule so that he might click on the latest routings for bands such as Smile Empty Soul or artists like Bo Diddley or Johnny Winter. No, we’ll make an exception for Mr. Bush, for we know that, deep down inside his heart, he, too, would be a Pollstar.com user if only he had the time. But presidents must do what presidents must, and Mr. Bush has little time for tour dates, venue schedules and new concert listings. But don’t feel sorry for him. Oh, no, for truth be told he’s completely up-to-date on all the listings, including Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan and KISS.

After all, he has to give Cheney something to do?