Missing from the announcement, however, is Phair’s full Europe schedule, which is expected to take her overseas late September and into October. As of press time, only four shows have been confirmed.

On the first leg – her first tour since 1999 – Phair took along Sondre Lerche, Wheat, and Patrick Park. Sandwiched in the middle was a co-headlining string with Jason Mraz.

It’s been five years between albums for Phair and long-time fans must be surprised if not shocked to hear her new material. The self-titled disc, which just came out at the start of summer, has been popped-up and finds Phair now likened to Avril Lavigne – a stark contrast to the earlier comparisons to PJ Harvey and Courtney Love.

Phair, who is, or was, known for being a bit stage shy, told Billboard, “I just got over it. [Now] it’s just so much fun. It’s hard to get off the stage. I’m gonna tour, that’s the raw fact. I’m gonna be out there for a long time. I’m gonna live it. I love performing, truly.”