But before joining the merry Scots, Rasputina have a month of recitals all their own. From the 10th of October, the mostly female band will play clubs from the Midwest on over the Pacific Coast.

From their debut, Thanks For The Ether, in 1996 (or 1896, as the band cheekily maintains) til their recently released Lost & Found EP, Rasputina have steadily defied pigeon-holes and forged their unlikely way into the mainstream.

Leader and cellist Melora Creager started on a mission to make funny, depressing music with her cello and voice back at the beginning of the ‘90s. After successfully placing an add seeking cellists to form a rock band, Rasputina was formed and quickly caught the eye of Sony Records.

With a penchant for vintage Victorian dress and goth music, Marilyn Manson also took notice and remixed their Transylvanian Regurgitations EP in 1997.

Several albums and as many band members later, Ratputina reemerged this year with two new members, and the group’s first boy. Drummer Jonathon TeBeest joins Zoe Keating and Creager.