Under the , the artists will perform concerts and raise awareness on current media reform and trade issues.

“When presidents and politicians lie, it is the job of the press to expose and challenge those lies. When the press fails, the lies become laws,” Morello said. “The point of the Tell Us The Truth Tour is to help others make those connections and to show them that activism can change the policies of this country.”

“As artists, all we can offer is our energy and a different perspective,” Bragg said. “We want to inspire people to get engaged, to feel again as if they can make a difference. The next election is not a forgone conclusion.”

Speaking of elections, the Tell Us The Truth tour is partnering with Rock The Vote and other grassroots groups to educate concert attendees on issues facing next year’s presidential election.

The tour makes an appropriate first stop in Madison at the National Conference On Media Reform. The artists will participate in the conference, performing, speaking on panels, and working in conjunction with fellow activists to generate policies that will change the American media system.

From there, the tour journeys on through the Midwest and Eastern states.

Actress and comedian Janeane Garafalo is slated to emcee the tour from November 21-24, with the possibility of additional special guests to be announced.

Check out the tour’s Web site at tellusthetruth.org for more information on the cause, updates and a tour diary.