The diva-with-a-capitol-D is taking her Harem tour to North America for the first leg, with things starting off in Mexico January 10.

Tour dates for the rest of the world will be announced later.

Naturally, the tour takes its title from Brightman’s new album of the same name. The disc is a bit of a different musical direction for the singer, and finds her tackling world beats, dance grooves and a little pop.

“I wanted to record an album with a Middle Eastern feel. It just felt like the right way to go; just a feeling at first, which is how I begin all my albums,” Brightman said.

“I have always loved that whole ‘Arabian Nights’ feeling. Much of what we have created derives from my childhood reading. I was a C.S. Lewis fan. I like the idea of parallel worlds, faraway lands and mystery. I’ve traveled a huge amount over the years, which has influenced me immensely.”

Although details are being kept under wraps, Brightman’s shows are known for being ornate experiences, and Harem is shaping up to follow suit.

Fan club members get the first shot at tickets October 17-23 through her official site. After that, they’re up for grabs by the general public. Prices look to start around $40 and shoot up past the $120 mark. That’s a healthy increase on her last tour, which, back in 2001, commanded between $30-$70.