Fountenberry/Incredible Moses Leroy has a new album out as well. Become The Soft Lightes is just out and features guest performances from Miho Hatori (Cibo Matto) and Roger Manning (Air).

The disc finds the artist fine-tuning his musical direction – something he was criticized for on his debut album, Electric Pocket Radio. While the album won rave critical reviews, Fountenberry concluded that “by virtue of being an assemblage of material created over a four-year period, [Electric Pocket Radio] lacked the coherence” he was after as an artist.

So Become The Soft Lightes will come as a welcome change.

“As the title implies, we’ve moved on,” Fountenberry said. “The music on the first album was intended to be comic book-like, whereas the music I wrote for this record is more focused.”

Not only was the music comic book-like, but the very name Fountenberry chose to operate under is a nod to his childhood love of superhero comic books.

Moses Leroy was his great-grandfather, a union leader and pioneering civil rights activist in Houston. Fountenberry threw in the “Incredible” to make Moses Leroy into a superhero.