He’s pretty much had the year off on the concert front, but Adams has been busy in the studio working on a follow-up to his indie hit, Gold, from 2000.

Already out in the States and set for a release in mid-November in the U.K., his latest album, Rock N Roll, finds the sometimes alt. country artist returning to the rockin’ roots of his teen years.

The tousled troubadour also has the first in a two-part LP out. Love Is Hell, Pt. 1 is in stores, with the Love Is Hell, Pt. 2 hitting shelves December 8. In addition, Adams anticipates a total of 11 B-sides/extra tracks “coming out in a bunch of different places.” Whatever that means.

Also in all things Ryan Adams, there was a rumor earlier this summer he would be reuniting his old Whiskeytown band. He said then in a post on his official Web site, “I’d very much like to go and work on some music with Caitlin (Cary) and Skillet (Gilmore), and seeing as we’ve been talking about it for a while now, why not?

“Caitlin has her own life now out there, and so do I, which would only make it more fun for both of us. I think it’s time Whiskeytown made an actual record we like.”

There’s been no further news on the status of a possible Whiskeytown reunion since the early speculation and who knows how he’d even fit one in. If making a bunch of new records and touring weren’t enough to keep a person busy, Adams is also working on a side project.

Under the name Werewolph, he says it’s “trying to be the heaviest band ever,” and “alt-metal.” They’ve even got an album planned, Nothing To Lose But Your Life.