The British quartet’s Silence Is Easy, which has been out in the U.K. since September, drops in the U.S. at the end of January, right about the time they’ll be rocking out the club scene.

Although they’ve been touring since the summertime, this will be their first time on the other side of the Atlantic since 2002. They’re currently playing Europe, where they stay through the end of November. Then, it’s off to Japan for a trio of shows.

In December, Starsailor treat fans in Ireland and Northern Ireland to two shows before breaking for the holidays.

Since hitting the music scene a couple of years ago, Starsailor have been the talk of the Brit music press. They released their debut album, Love Is Here, last year to widespread critical acclaim, were quickly hailed as “Britain’s best new band” and subsequently hit the road on some sold-out headlining gigs.

Their newest offering, Silence Is Easy, has been touted as even better than Love Is Here. And a lot of those accolades center around the band managing to woo legendary producer Phil Spector out of hiding.

As the story goes, Spector’s daughter saw the band perform at a Los Angeles club and was so impressed that she convinced her dad to look the guys up. Spector’s work with Starsailor was his first production work in 23 years, and it quite possibly might be his last.

“He was really charismatic and buoyant, and his enthusiasm surprised us because we’d heard all the stories about him being a dictator,” lead singer James Walsh told Billboard.

“Working with him for the first few weeks was absolutely magical because we were still in awe of him. When we heard (the song) ‘Silence Is Easy,’ we just thought it was magic. It was a huge ego boost.”