To date, he has released one album and two mixtapes; lent his musical expertise to dozens of other tracks; shot a couple of movies; created his own show (“Doggy Fizzle Televizzle”) and action figures; is personally responsible for a whole new brand of slang; is appearing on ESPN’s first fictional series (“Playmakers”); is a character on a new video game; and somehow has managed to coach his son’s football team

Snoop is one bad-assizzle multitasker.

And the dude isn’t resting either. He’s got another album, 213, coming out in December and is hitting Canada up that same month for a pretty good-sized tour of arenas.

What’s more, Snoop’s already thinking about his next next album, Snoopafly, which is due out in June.

“I already got a lot of [songs] done that’s gonna be on that album,” Snoop told VH1. “I just know it’s going to be a great record. I’m lookin’ forward to working with my main man Puff Daddy. I’m gonna let Puff do some things. Hopefully Dr. Dre can do a few things. Neptunes, you know, the usuals, Doghouse Production. I just want to make a quality record and show people I still got it.”

Oh yeah, Snoop’s still got it. Check him out as he tours Canada from West to East December 4-21.