Phew. If that doesn’t make somebody happy, nothing will!

Eve 6 are currently touring arenas with Good Charlotte and Goldfinger. They wrap things up with those two November 28 and then head right back out on their own. Cauterize and Campfire Girls are tagging along as support on Eve 6’s headlining tour in December.

Now,about that free guitar, wanna know how to get in on it? It’s simple: fans can enter a contest by signing up for the band’s mailing list at the merch table at each show. Then, each night one fan will randomly be selected during the band’s set, and will then get to go up onstage and perform “At Least We’re Dreaming.” They also get to take home a guitar.

Speaking of “At Least We’re Dreaming,” the single is the second one off Eve 6’s third album, It’s All In Your Head.