The quirky Canadian has turned down yet another path in her musical career, which has been defying genres since her self-titled debut in 1981. This time around, the change comes in the form of a look back – several hundred years back.

Siberry’s newest album, Shushan The Palace (Hymns Of Earth), features hymns by Bach, Handel, Rosetti, Holst, Mendelsshohn-Bartholdy, and others, done Siberry-style. The disc was just released and now she’s heading out to give fans a live version.

Performing in either a duo, quartet or sextet, Siberry and company will play churches and music halls around North America from November 20 for exactly one month.

Tagging along are a whole gaggle of musicians. Chicago, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor will get Siberry and pianist Tim Ray, while all non-Canadian dates (except New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles) get Siberry, Ray and vocalists Rebecca Campbell and Amanda Homi.

All Canadian dates and New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles get the whole shebang – sextet plus cello, violin and occasionally a French Horn.

Always creating new music, Siberry expects to release an album of original recordings next year.