The tour will now commence January 15 in Germany and wrap with a two-night stand at Birmingham’s NEC in England. With the exception of Newcastle and Glasgow, the prince of darkness has managed to re-book all formerly scheduled gigs.

Tickets from the originally planned shows will remain valid for the new dates, with the October 31 tickets for Birmingham NEC valid on February 24 and the November 1 tickets good for February 26.

Ozzy was forced to pull his tour after medication for his tremors affected his voice. Apparently, a side effect of the medication is dry mouth, which usually goes away in 4-6 weeks. But in Ozzy’s case, with a tour about ready to start, a couple of weeks wasn’t enough time.

According to Osbourne, his tremors had become “markedly worse over the last two years” to the point where “it felt as if this problem was practically destroying my life along with my self-esteem.

“I was no longer comfortable being around people, which as you can imagine is not the best trait for a performer.”

Ozzy’s physician, Dr. Allan Ropper of Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, said the singer does not have Parkinson’s Disease, as the rumor mill had been suggesting.