A couple multi-night gigs are slated for the outing, including Byron Center (Mich.), Benton (Kas.), Houston, Indianapolis, Austin and Blowing Rock (N.C.).

The Riders have been out this year on their Silver Jubilee tour, celebrating 25 years in the biz. In addition, they’ve commemorated the milestone with a two-CD set of new recordings of their favorite songs. The set also includes a bonus live mini-concert and a 24-page booklet with notes, photos and other Riders information.

To date, the group has released more than 20 albums, played an average 200 live performances a year, has starred in their own TV specials and were featured in “Toy Story 2.” In 2001, they won a Grammy for best children’s musical album, Woody’s Roundup Featuring Riders In The Sky.

But it’s their constant touring that has won them fans in all age groups. They’re definitely a family-oriented act, sprinkling their traditional harmonies with slap-stick jokes, but Riders In The Sky are a far cry from the authentic cowboys they emulate.

Each member is in possession of a graduate degree, one even holding a PhD in theoretical plasma physics from MIT. Lead singer Ranger Doug is widely regarded as an expert on American Western Music and has used his journalism skills to author articles about music history.