Actually, it’s their third time playing on ice, so they’re really old pros at the sport.

For two shows at Fez in New York City, December 2-3, the family will play special “On Ice” theme songs. The stage will be dressed in a “wintry holiday spectacular motif,” and of course the band will wear special holiday costumes designed by mom Tina.

Little drummer girl Rachel will perform her own composition, “Skating On Ice With You.” It’s the only time all year she plays the song.

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players first played on ice back in 2001 in their then-hometown of Seattle.

“We had taken our live act as far as we could in Seattle,” patriarch Jason Trachtenburg said. “The only thing left to do was put our show on ice. It became an instant holiday classic.

“Our goal with this show is to eventually get it to Radio City Music Hall and perform it with the Rockettes.”

The big question on everyone’s mind is if there will actually be skating involved. Jason said, “We do wear skates and there is dry ice and we do skate around the stage in shoes that resemble skates.”

Tickets are a bargain $10. But be prepared to purchase early – all four shows at Fez last year were completely sold out.