Seems that’s all you read about today in the mainstream, non-concert press. “Bush Hating On The Rise,” scream the headlines. Bush is the “Great Polarizer,” says Time Magazine. The Washington Post says that Howard Dean is running on an “Anti-Bush” agenda. Everywhere you turn there’s articles about Bush-bashing, Bush-loathing, and beating around the Bush. What does it all mean?

Of course, here at headquarters, we have very little time to keep up with the trend of the moment or the flavor of the month. We’re much too busy slamming in dates for Boys Night Out and revising schedules for B.B. King and Smokey Robinson to stay abreast with what’s in, what’s out, what’s up and what’s down. So this entire “Bush-hating” thing has really caught us off our guard.

Besides, when you get right down to it, we influence world events, not follow them. It’s an inexplicable fact that the Dow goes through the roof when we post dates for Tom Jones, and hemlines rise when we add dates for Jewel and Shania Twain. If we add a few new shows for Bonnie Raitt, Alfie and 3 Inches Of Blood, interest rates fall, housing-starts grow, and former Saturday Night Live stars have hit movies.

So we really don’t understand what Bush-hating is all about. Furthermore, we can’t even get our collective heads around the moment when this entire Bush-hating concept began. Of course, some say it had to do with the way Bush treated Germany and France last winter. Others say it had something to do with the U.N. last spring. Then there are those who claim that all the Bush-hatred began three years ago in Florida. As if anyone can remember that far back.

Who is right and who is wrong? Heck, all of us at are totally clueless, for we’d rather talk about The Moody Blues’ fall 2004 tour, or the updates for Love With Arthur Lee and 3 Doors Down. But if you really want our opinion as to when all this Bush-hating began, we think we have an answer. However, we have to warn you that our answer reflects all the loathing, disgust and repulsion that the human race is capable of. In other words, the exact moment when Bush-hating began isn’t pretty, but if it will help bring an end to all of this acid-lace rhetoric regarding Bush, so be it.

The best we can determine is that all of this Bush-hating began on September 14, 2002, when Gavin Rossdale married Gwen Stefani. After all, some guys are soooo jealous.