Thank you for calling the Question Line. Whom am I speaking with?

It’s the Question Line! In a world of voicemail, email and automated phone systems, we feel you deserve the opportunity to talk to a real live human being whenever you call our customer support services department. That’s why we invented the Question Line!

And what part of the world are you calling from today? Really? How’s the weather?

It’s a sad fact that many of today’s major corporations have abandoned hiring live, flesh-and-blood people for their customer service departments. However, whenever you want the 411on the new tours, like Kid Rock or Metallica, you can talk to a living, breathing person by calling the Question Line!

So what do you do for a living? Is that so? Is there good money in that?

Want the scoop on Henry Rollins? Having a problem reading the schedules for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Evanescence? Are you experiencing difficulty ascertaining the support acts on the Sevendust tour? One simple call to the Question Line is all it takes!

How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Is that in pounds or kilograms?

When a Web site lists as many tour dates as we do, like the new routing for Roger Whittaker or the first round of 2004 dates for Britney Spears and Big Head Todd & The Monsters, there are bound to be questions. That’s why the Question Line is always a free call!

How old are you? Are you married or single? Really? How long? Have you ever messed around?

No matter if you’re curious about Phish, Meat Loaf or George Strait, the Question Line is at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Are you as cute as you sound? Where do you live? What are you doing when I get off work?

The Question Line!

What color of underwear are you wearing?

Call today!