Now, they’re back in the U.S. for an outing during February.

The Zombies hit international success shortly after forming in the early ‘60s with such top-charters as “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No.” With their pop sensibilities, Blunstone’s breathy vocals and Argent’s musical mastery, the band seemed destined for the big time – and for awhile, they achieved it.

However, some critics speculate The Zombies’ sophisticated arrangements proved too adventurous for radio audiences and that consequently led to exile from the airwaves. In turn, the hits stopped coming despite the fact that their albums were hailed as pop genius by music critics.

In an ironic twist of fate, it was after they disbanded that the group saw their biggest hit, “Time Of The Season.” The single came from the album Odessey And Oracle, which was released sort of posthumously and is considered to be one of the major, defining pop albums of the time – pulling rank with records like the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

Following their nearly 40 years apart, Argent and Blunstone teamed up and released Out Of The Shadows. They’ve been touring the U.K. and Europe since, promoting the new material.

Fans eager to hear old Zombie classics won’t be disappointed as the twosome are expected to play tunes from their old catalog, as well as songs from the band, Argent and Blunstone’s solo efforts, as well as tunes from the Out Of The Shadows disc.