No other Web site can make that claim. Sure, they’d like to, but they know better. Because when it comes to tour schedules, no matter if it’s Damien Rice, Great Big Sea or Deep Purple, has the longest routings in the business.

And if you were to take the dates for all the big names, like Norah Jones and David Bowie, and line them up end to end, it would form a line so long that it would be visible from the International Space Station. Let’s see those other Web sites make that claim.

Of course, they can’t. For when it comes to length and width, the tour dates found on pack more punch per wallop, more bang for the buck and more octane per tank than any other concert Web site around.

However, don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. Go ahead, take the dates for Duran Duran, Galactic and UFO, put them end-to-end and see how far they reach. Oh, you better open your front door first. You’re going to need some room.

But wait, there’s more.

For example, if you were to collect all the dates for Ronan Keating and Sarah Brightman, and put them on your bathroom scale, you would discover that the total poundage far outweighs Meat Loaf, Senator Ted Kennedy and Roseanne Barr combined! Careful though. Always remember; lift with your legs, not your back.

What’s that? How do we do it? How can concert dates, like the latest ones for Alan Jackson or the additional shows for Henry Rollins, form amazing, mind-boggling structures that, if given the chance, can out-bulk the mighty whales, reach deep into the cosmos and generally defy the expectations of common man? Furthermore, why are the dates on bigger, better and heftier than the ones included in the itineraries for Britney Spears and Rod Stewart that you might see on those other concert Web sites? What makes our tour dates so special? What’s the secret?

It’s simple. We use a bigger font.