The hard-touring Chesney has announced yet another tour. Dubbed the Guitars, Tiki Bars & A Whole Lotta Love Tour, the outing will launch March 17 in Houston and run around arenas through the end of May.

Aussie keith urban is returning to support for the first half of the tour. Fans will remember urban from Chesney’s prior outing, Margaritas ‘n’ Senoritas. Newbie Dierks Bentley will kick the whole show off.

“We’re waist-deep in set designs, editing the videos for the screen, getting the lights figured out,” Chesney said. “It’s gonna be great to get some new music to pick from and this record really suits what we’re trying to do live. So aside from some well-chosen surprises, people can expect the songs they love and some songs I know they’re going to.”

Just ahead of the Tiki Bar parade, Chesney will release When The Sun Goes Down and concert-goers can expect to be treated to some live cuts from the album.

“We try to find acts to come out with us who know how to have fun and get the crowd up and rocking. You know, when I go to a show, I wanna have a good time and forget about whatever happened that day,” Chesney said. “It’s the chance to just party and be with your friends, sing some songs, maybe scream a little bit. I think this package can more than make that happen.”

Meanwhile, his “All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan” continues to make it happen in the stores with a mere 500,000-plus sold.