The largely Midwest-concentrated outing also finds the band venturing north of the border for a couple Canadian shows.

Prior to heading out with Camper, however, Cracker have some gigs of their own, starting with a New Year’s Eve bash in San Diego. They trade rainy California weather for sunny Spain in January and then head back for the Camper shows.

Things got off to a good start when Camper Van Beethoven reunited for a series of shows during the summer of 2002. It had been a long 12 years since the band last played and they celebrated with the release of their “lost” album, Tusk.

Since, Camper Van Beethoven have played throughout 2003, across Europe and the States.

Somewhere in there, Cracker also managed to put on a few shows of their own. When not pulling duty with his Camper group, lead singer David Lowery and his other other group spent some time touring with Cowboy Mouth and even Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Following the official dissolution of Camper Van Beethoven after 1989’s Key Lime Pie album, the members moved to make full-time jobs out of their side projects and solo aspirations, forming and being involved in Counting Crows, Cracker, Natalie Merchant’s band, Monks Of Doom, Jack and Jill, Tarnation In Lava, and Kieronymous Firebrain, among others.

In 1999, a rarities collection, Camper Van Beethoven Is Dead – Long Live Camper Van Beethoven, was released, inspiring assorted Camper members to do a few quasi-reunion dates on the West Coast.

Despite these reunion tours, the official status of Camper Van Beethoven is still unknown.

Cracker, however, are as busy as ever. The band released Countrysides in October and finds the group exploring their redneck roots. There is also the Cracker/Leftover Salmon collaboration , O Cracker Where Art Thou?, which was released in May.