Vann, a founding member in the group who passed away in 2002 after battling skin cancer, made the band promise to keep on trucking. And they have.

The new tour runs from the end of January, starting on the West Coast, through April, covering major cities West of the Mississippi.

In addition to the new tour, the band has a new member to show off. Twenty-one-year-old Noam Pikelny has joined the band, tackling the banjo section. Pikelny joins founding members Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt, as well as recent recruits Bill McKay, Jose Martinez and Greg Garrison.

So, how do the founders feel about the new Salmon?

“Larger. That’s one way I would describe it,” vocalist Herman said. “We are going bigger, louder and faster. We are totally recharged. There’s now a larger palette to work from and we’re all loving the new band dynamic.”

Last year, Leftover Salmon released Live (pronounced “liv”), a live album in tribute to the late Vann.