That’s what is on everybody’s mind in this first week of the new year. Who’s coming to town? Which artists are going to tour? What’s up with John Mayer? The Shins? Fritz’s Polka Band? Enquiring minds want to know!

And we want to tell you. In fact, we spent the last month of 2003 questioning all the major players in the concert industry as to their plans for the new year. And even though they refused to go on record regarding the entertainment extravaganzas currently in the works, they were more than happy to provide deep background on upcoming shows for 2004.

For example, an industry insider told us that the big names, like Shania Twain and Eric Clapton will most likely be playing major sports arenas in 2004, while other acts, such as South and Fear, will headline the nightclub circuit. Surprised? We know we were.

Just like when we were surprised when a reliable source told us about Britney Spears, David Bowie and Dwight Yoakam. Bottom line? They’re going to sell tickets and you’re going to buy them. Who would have thunk it?

But that’s nothing compared to what an anonymous source told us about this summer. According to an unofficial spokesperson, amphitheatres will be going strong, as will local fairs and music festivals. We can hardly wait!

Then there’s the surprising news given to us by the new concert professionals. These young lions, often referred to within the industry as neocons, spoke off the record about George Strait, Neil Young and Reba McEntire, and while we can’t tell you everything, the buzz about these artists is earthshaking, and they may, or may not play a venue near you.

Of course, not everything is guaranteed. Some artists may change their minds, some may play and some may not. Some tickets may be expensive while others will represent the best bargains the industry has to offer. But no matter which way you look at it, there’s something for everyone in 2004 including shows, concerts, live music and performances. Yes, 2004 will be a great year for concerts.

In fact, it will be just like last year. Only different.