With a new album ready to drop, Robinson is hitting the club scene for a few shows. The brief tour finds him – backed by drummer Bill Dobrow, who also pulled duty in Hookah Brown, and two other unnamed members – playing New Jersey, New York, Boston and three California gigs starting January 15.

The Knitting Factory concert in New York City will feature a four-piece string section.

Of his new music, Robinson said, “I’ve always been a songwriter, but these songs show where I’m at as a musician and as a person. They’re evolving, like I am.”

And evolve he has. He started the Black Crowes and then split to form Hookah Brown.

There’s still no official word from the Black Crowes camp on the status of the band. Their Web site is still up, but continues to run the same ol’ story about the band being on a hiatus. That said, a press release from Robinson’s people made mention of the “Black Crowes part[ing] ways in 2002.”

Brother Chris Robinson is busy with his New Earth Mud group and a couple other members have side projects as well.