Yeah, it’s been a helluva week, what with new dates for Prince, Metallica and Donny Osmond, not to mention having to deal with Congress over all that obscenity b.s. Yeah, this week was one for the record books.

But you know, no matter how bogged down we are, no matter how many dates we have yet to enter, no matter if we have to slam new data for Rasputina and Ekoostik Hookah into our system or update Fuel, Long John Baldry and The Beach Boys, our boss always finds one more thing for us to do.

Like earlier this week when we were neck deep in data, and our boss insisted that we wash and wax his car. Or Wednesday, when we were slammin’ in Rich Little dates like there was no tomorrow, and our boss interrupted our work to order us to scrub off the blood that tends to accumulate in the sales offices. Then there was yesterday when he called us all into his office and then proceeded to yell at us for spending too much time in the bathroom. “Remember,” he bellowed at us. “Rip – Wipe – Flush – Done!”


And now, when we can almost see the end of the workweek tunnel, he wants us to stay late tonight and take out the trash. Can you believe that? After we’ve already crammed six days of work into five work days entering dates for acts like Rod Stewart, Lou Rawls and G. Love & Special Sauce, he wants us to hang around and take out the garbage that he’s too cheap to hire a janitorial service to do. As if we just got off the bus from Bakersfield, you know?

But we have to admit, jobs are hard to come by, especially jobs which pay as much as this one. So if we’re a tad late entering the latest dates for Jeff Beck or Gary Jules, all we can do is ask for your patience. We’ll get right to it after we obey our boss’ wishes and take the trash out to the Dumpster out back. This should only take a couple of minutes.

On second thought, make that a couple of hours, for we’re sure our boss expects us to remove the Christmas ornaments before we toss out the tree. Gosh, talk about a slave driver.