Each day we see messages promising to fix our bad credit, boost our sex life, copy our DVDs and refinance our finances. We’ve been saturated with signals, pulverized with postings and drenched with dispatches offering reductions, introductions, instructions and seductions. We get email claiming we can last all weekend, and messages saying that we can have a bigger organ. As if we really need one. Heck, we don’t even play the piano.

However, we’ve recently noticed a change within the content of all the spam we’ve been receiving. We’ve seen virulent messages dripping with major `tude, and communiqués so venomous that we dare not read them aloud. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of angry people out there.

Furthermore, we’ve been shocked at the language contained within all the spam that fills our electronic “in” trays as we try to separate the chaff from the schedules for Metallica and Status Quo. Unsolicited salutations of slander so vile and deceptive that we feel in need of the hottest shower and the coarsest sandpaper in order to cleanse ourselves of such wicked and wretched thoughts.

But it comes with the job. So we’ll try to ignore all the messages filled with hatred and disgust as we go about our daily duties of prepping schedules for Sting and updating Shania Twain and Incubus. We’ll make a mighty attempt to snub the verbal gore as we struggle to keep up the famous Pollstar.com happy face that this Web site has been known for the past 73 years. However, judging from all the hellishly evil spam we’ve been receiving of late, one thing is for sure.

It’s a long way `til election day.