He’s got a full itinerary through April, after which he’ll take a short break before appearing at a couple of West Coast festivals in late May. From there, he resumes his wandering ways, keeping a steady schedule of North American shows through late August.

A September 25 appearance in San Francisco is the latest gig on the books, and don’t be surprised if new dates pop up to fill in the gaps, including some European festival spots.

On Keep It Simple, the singer/guitarist opted to handle production duties himself – a career first. His decision arose out of his search for the perfect producer.

“I knew exactly what I wanted this album to sound like before I started,” he said. “I was looking over a list of producers for this album with my manager, and I said, ‘In the time it would take me to explain the sound in my head to a producer, I could just do it myself.’

“The instant those words came out of my mouth, I knew what I needed to do.”