His new full-length, Ultravisitor, dropped March 9 on Warp Records. The album finds him synthesizing his vast explorations through the worlds of IDM, drum’n’bass and progressive jazz, resulting in one of his most critically acclaimed works yet.

Squarepusher (real name Tom Jenkinson) employs a unique mix of composition, programming, sampling and live performance – particularly on the fretless bass. However, he is notoriously reluctant to discuss his creative process.

“When it comes to the actual fact of how I make my music, I have nothing to say,” he recently told The Guardian. “Not because I am secretive, but because I cannot do the process justice by verbalising it. Whole days, weeks of my life have vanished making music. I have virtually no conscious recollection of it.”

Jenkinson is currently in the midst of his collaboration with the London Sinfonietta Orchestra. The contemporary classical troupe performed songs by Warp Records artists last year, and this time around, Squarepusher and Warp stablemate Jamie Lidell decided to join in the fun.