And man-oh-man are we excited about this one. You see, we recently came to the realization that we have much more information than just date, city and venue for Gov’t Mule, or which bands are supporting Sugarcult. In fact, we have oodles and noodles of information that we never post on this Web site, including interesting tidbits on Leon Redbone, Todd Rundgren and Seal.

However, there is one small problem.

You see, the data we’re talking about can’t be shoehorned into some rigid database structure, and libel laws prohibit us from publishing these fascinating anecdotes on our home page. Instead, the info we’re describing is made up of random factoids, truths and untruths that we come across every day while researching the newest tours or updating existing runs like Michael Feinstein or Slightly Stoopid.

That’s right. We’re talking about the data that’s locked away in our collective heads.

And we’ve figured out a way for you to access that data! What’s more, by accessing this previously unheard of cornucopia of concert facts and rumors, you’ll help out a worthwhile charity as well.

Here’s the scoop. Starting tomorrow we will launch our “Lunch With” promotion, where you can bid on the employee who you would most like to take to lunch.

Just think of it! You and one of our concert-data experts, casually gnoshing away, discussing “deep” unverified data, rumors and innuendo about all the big stars, from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. Excited? We thought so.

What kind of data? We’re talking about the buried skeletons behind the Wayne Newton tour and the bodies in the closet regarding Rick Springfield and Lionel Richie. We’re talking about scandalous divorces, disgraceful public conduct and outrageous public displays of nudity, depravity and cavities. What’s more, some of it might even be true! Or close enough.

How can you get in on this amazing offer? How can you win an opportunity to take one of our all-knowing, all-seeing tour-data people to lunch? Simple. Merely participate in one of our online auctions. Perhaps you’ll be the highest bidder for employee #491, who knows every single date Tony Danza has played since 1981. Or maybe you’ll end up chowing down with employee #9881, who has tracked every venue named “Verizon” since 1995. One thing is assured: No matter who you bid on, if you win the auction you’ll enjoy the best lunch you’ve ever bought. Guaranteed!

All bids start at $500 and all proceeds will benefit the Home For Retired Tour Date Researchers. Plus, for every winning bid over $1,000, the lucky winner will be able to select the wine of his or her choice. Such a deal!

It’s stuff you’ve never heard about, spoken by people you don’t know, about people you wouldn’t want to meet. That’s our Lunch With promotion. Register today!