Maybe that’s stating the obvious, but we’ve been under severe pressure as of late to print our own opinions of world affairs as seen from our unique viewpoint of being the concert industry’s tabloid of record.

After all, we go to great lengths to uncover dates for bands like Supersuckers and artists such as Madonna and Jonny Lang. We dig deeper than anyone else, we go where others fear to tread, we wallow in the mire and we suck in the muck as we go about our daily grind of posting dates for My Morning Jacket, Johnny A and The Buckinghams. In fact, you might even say we actually get a glimpse of what goes down behind the scenes – how the world really works – warts, Sting dates and all.

But we’ve refrained from flipping an editorial finger at current events, mainly because our founder, Festus Pollstar, believed that tour date researchers should be neither heard nor seen, with the former so that we can better research dates for Gallagher and Brides Of Destruction, while the latter enabled Ol’ Festus to skip town on paydays and blow the payroll on the three Bs – booze, babes and bingo – while partying with the shuffleboard crowd in Miami Beach.

But as a wise Australian media mogul once said; “With great power comes even greater irresponsibility,” and, as everybody knows, there is no greater power that that which is obvious when one publishes itineraries for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Spin Doctors and Vince Neil. We’ve seen the skeletons in the closets, and we know where the bodies are buried. It would be easy to discredit Senator Kerry, slime President Bush, even denounce Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy. Heck, we could have torn Mother Teresa a new one if only we had half a mind to do so.

But we don’t have half a mind, and the other half is busy collecting schedules for Exhumed, Live and Morrissey. Therefore, we’ll continue to walk the straight and narrow, that fine line between omnipotency and impotency, as we bring you the latest on Lee Ritenour and Missing Persons. Neither will we offer our opinions, nor will we inflict our interpretations of current events upon you, gentle reader, as you browse our site looking for show data on all groups great and small. We’ll keep our opinions to ourselves. Not just today, but tomorrow and the next day. Make no mistake. We will never, ever editorialize.

Besides, the world is screwed up enough as it is without us adding our own two cents.