Their new U.S. tour kicks off with a week of Texas shows, beginning in San Antonio April 20. Kidneythieves, Classic Case, and Godhead will share support duties on the trek, which wraps June 4 in West Hollywood.

Orgy first rose to fame in 1998 with their heavy-duty cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Their last album was 2000’s sci-fi concept piece Vapor Transmission.

Vocalist Jay Gordon joked about the long period between releases, and his fears of becoming the next VH1 “Where Are They Now?” subject.

“I was afraid if we didn’t get this record out soon that I was going to start getting phone calls from them,” he said.

“Instead, I hope the new stuff has VH1 making documentaries like, ‘Why are they still kicking ass? Why are they still blowing shit up? Why are they still pulverizing the planet?'”

The band eschewed the more esoteric elements of their first two albums in favor of a more direct approach for Punk Statik Paranoia.

“We want to make people stop in their tracks,” Gordon stated. “It’s just time to really connect with our fans. We just want people to go, ‘This is worthy.’ And of course we want the girls to think, ‘I want to sleep with every member of that band.'”