Now she’s got a full round of dates lined up for summer, beginning with a quick California run that starts May 14 in Chula Vista. From mid-July through early August, she’ll makes the rounds on the East Coast and through the Midwest.

Back in February, Duff told Pollstar that she’d learned a lot from the winter shows.

“I had no idea how much work it takes to put on a tour, not just for me, but for everybody,” she said. “Everybody’s job is so critical. And thank God the team that [manager Andre Recke] put together around me is so great, my tour manager and everything. Everyone really has it all together.”

“There is so much critical stuff that goes on. The monitors have to be in the right place or I’ll feed back, or the booking of the show, or how to keep everybody organized. It really does blow my mind but I learned so much.”

So is Duff resting up for the big tour? Nah. She’s filming two movies this spring, and she just scored her own weekly baseball segment on a new teen sports show called “Kids On Deck.” She’s also designing a line of clothing for Target called “Duff Stuff,” is signed on to a reality show project with MTV, and has a comedy pilot deal with CBS.