We’re asked that a lot. People ask us why we picked such an unusual name for the world’s largest third-party concert database. They say a more descriptive moniker would be “Concert Info Net,” or “aWholeBunchOfDates.com, instead of something that sounds like some guy taking exit polls outside a voting booth. They argue that “Pollstar” is a made up name, an artificial alias, a synthetic pseudonym, a silly sobriquet destined to go the way of Xerox, Dumpster and Napalm.

We, of course, beg to differ. After all, it was our own founder, Festus Pollstar, who made the decision over 73 years ago to christen this company with his own name, thereby ensuring a place in concert-research history for generations to come. Even back in 1931, Ol’ Festus knew that whatever he called his fledging Web site, the Pollstar brand would become synonymous with free concert information, such as the latest dates for Sean Paul and Jessica Simpson, served up at someone else’s expense.

But that’s not to say Festus did not have his doubts. Other wannabe entrepreneurs, like Ebenezer eBay, Claire Channel and Mike Rowsoft, tried to convince Festus that a label like “Pollstar,” would only aid in confusing those searching for itineraries for The Butchies or Audio Karate. Yeah, right. As if we needed a fancy name to do what comes naturally.

Needless to say, Festus stuck to his guns, including the derringer hidden in his left boot when things got sticky, and declared that his surname, shortened from the original “Pollywannacrackerstarskynhutch” when he sneaked into this country from Canada hidden amongst a cargo of donuts and back bacon, should act as a beacon shining brightly amidst the noise and clutter of the fledgling Internet industry of the 1930s.

Yes, Ol’ Festus was a visionary, even when he wasn’t working as a volunteer at the Everclear testing facilities, and today the name “Pollstar.com” stands out among the millions of Web sites selling sexual aids, instant college degrees and no-questions-asked pharmaceuticals. Whether it’s the additional dates for the Pixies, or new routings for O.A.R. and Hanson, Pollstar.com has become a trusted source for all concert information great and small.

Of course, there was that brief moment in time when, while sharing a holding cell with a teenager from San Jose who had lost his way during a sojourn to Cancun for spring break, that Festus considered selling his company to the young whippersnapper, lock, stock and Eagles dates. Furthermore, the kid made no secret about his plans on renaming Pollstar.com after his own family crest. But thankfully, Ol’ Festus sobered up and came to his senses. After all, can you imagine what a company would be like if it was named after someone called Barney Google?