The band is supporting its new album, Fire It Up, which was released – when else? – on 4/20. They’ll be blazing their way across the nation through mid-July, with only a couple of short breaks. In August, they’re set to appear at Eureka, Calif.’s Summer Series.

Despite minimal airplay and media exposure, the band has built a solid following through its Suburban Noize record company and a strict DIY approach. Mainstream radio has often been reluctant to give much time to the Kings’ songs, which characteristically focus on such hot-button issues as government corruption, police hypocrisy and, of course, the legalization of marijuana.

When KMK’s Brad Daddy X spoke with Pollstar back in 2001, he explained his band’s philosophy regarding the ol’ sticky icky.

“I don’t believe that any man or any government or any police agency should be able to dictate how a man decides to interact with a plant that the Creator put here,” he said. “That concept is a little ludicrous to me.”