It’s a well-known secret that concert industry professionals are the loneliest people on earth. Metallica, promoting concerts with Van Halen and Sting and counting the box office receipts for Eric Clapton hardly leaves any room for a personal life.

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Hi! I’m Cassandra. I’m a heavy smoker and I enjoy long walks behind the amphitheatre, candlelight business meetings discussing routing logistics for Boston and booking shows with Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Robert Cray Band.

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My name is Nick. I’m a manic-depressive, type A personality and I like cozy nights in front of the fire going over the contracts for Dido, doing lunch with the managers for Gov’t Mule and Cheap Trick, and setting up the backstage security for the Pixies

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My name is Lizzie, and my turn-ons include midnight strolls on the beach, handling press for Madonna and Marc Anthony and backing my SUV over Long Island white trash. Just because I can.

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Hey, babe. I’m sorry I can’t make it tonight, but I have to schlep The Oak Ridge Boys around town for some radio station promo appearances. Lessee, I have an avail for a week from next Thursday. Lemme give you my first hold. But keep in mind that’s a tentative until I see your deposit.

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Wait a second. I have a sudden cancellation for next Monday. Have your people call my people tomorrow and set something up.

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