The tour will begin in Minneapolis at the 400 Bar and hit 21 cities by the time it wraps in Seattle. Broken Spindles will play three more solo shows June 23-25.

The lo-fi, experimental electronic rock textures of Broken Spindles began as a soundtrack Peterson was working on for a friend’s film project. After an instrumental self-titled album, Peterson began adding vocals and expanded his ensemble of collaborators for the sophomore effort.

Anticon affiliates Restiform Bodies, composed of Passage, Bomarr Monk and Telephone Jim Jesus, recently released a limited edition double LP, Newbliette. The album compiles material from their two hard-to-find full-length releases plus a pair of new tracks.

Passage’s self-produced solo debut, The Forcefield Kids, comes out May 25 on the Anticon label. The avant-garde MC will do a solo set at each show in addition to his performance with the group.