MCs Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, and Sadat X, along with DJ Alamo, have finished a new album, titled Fire In The Hole. The disc is set for release August 10, a week before they head out to support it on a cross-country tour.

The trek begins August 18 in Baltimore and stretches for more than a month, with shows in at least 14 major cities.

Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali will support through August 27.

Brand Nubian gained widespread acclaim with its first release, 1990’s All For One. Grand Puba and DJ Alamo left the next year, but Lord Jamar and Sadat X soldiered on, making two more albums with DJ Sincere.

The group was often targeted by critics who took issue with its defiant stances on politics and religion, but the members’ virtuosic rhymes and infectious beats proved them more than just a shock act.

In 1998, Grand Puba and DJ Alamo reunited with Sadat X and Lord Jamar and the group released its fourth album,