The jam band posted a message on its Web site July 22 stating the Northeast Kingdom is “a region of unspoiled rural beauty and small, tight-knit communities.” Drummer Jon Fishman said it was important to the band that its last show, performed in its home state, go smoothly.

“Of all the gigs that we would ever do in our whole lives, and of all the places to end on a positive note, this is the one that’s most meaningful to us,” Fishman told The Burlington Free Press in an interview appearing in the July 24 editions.

Members of Phish have lived in the Burlington area for more than two decades. The band wants fans to carpool, and to leave the site as spotless as possible since much of the campground is on farmland usually left for grazing cattle or growing corn.

“This is your last chance to show the rest of the world what makes the Phish audience so unique,” the band wrote.

All 70,000 tickets for the Aug. 14-15 events sold well in advance.