But it’s not going to be like that any longer. We’ve taken a long hard look at using sex to attract readers to free content, and we came to some startling conclusions. We learned that it isn’t necessary to display photos of buxom models while listing the dates for Ani DiFranco, nor do we need to do a tight-focus of leggy legs and hippy hips whenever someone clicks on The Allman Brothers Band / Lynyrd Skynyrd tour.

In other words, sex and tour dates don’t mix.

That’s the naked truth, the bare facts and the unadulterated au naturel. Sure, those so-called “men’s” magazines will flaunt the flesh anytime they print a schedule for The Darkness or Clint Black. Maxim, Blender, Mulcher – all of those magazines think they have you pegged by throwing flashes of cleavage and thighs in your face. But do you really want to see a semi-nude bosom with your Kittie dates? We don’t think so.

So we’re tossing the tease, shedding the sleaze and cutting the cheese. No longer will we make crude jokes about Gene Simmons’ tongue, whisper sly innuendoes about Flickerstick or tauntingly hint at which half of Simon & Garfunkel is nicknamed “ear of corn.” From now on we’re only serving up show schedules for great bands like Sevendust and Metallica, and dynamic artists like Bryan Adams, P.J. Harvey and Prince. When it comes to free content on the Web, let the word go forth: No sex. No skin. Just dates, dates and more dates at Pollstar.com.

However, if you’re a paid-up Pollstar Premium member, it will be business as usual. Now, what did we do with those Barenaked Ladies pictures?