The stour starts September 13 and will find the band joined by fellow Mush Record label-mates Octavius, Neottropic (both appearing on all dates), Daedelus (September 22 – Octover 16) and Thavius Beck (September 13 – 23 & October 13 – 16).

The indie electronic foursome will make a circular swirl throughout the states, also stopping in Montreal September 15 at Casa De Popolo, and the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto the following day.

From there, Her Space and the gang will creep across the land heading west, playing dates in Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Washington, California (four dates), before wrapping it up in Tucson, Ariz., at Solar Culture October 16.

Her Space Holiday was formed by Bianchi, who in his younger days was well known in the hardcore scene, playing in bands such as Indian Summer, Calm, and Mohinder.

After his departure from the scene in 1996, the AduioInformationPhenomena label guru decided to leave behind the smokey club atmosphere to pursue dreamy electro home recording.