Half of the melancholy foursome, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, have offered their services to perform at a benefit for SoCal’s – and maybe America’s – top National Public Radio affiliate, KCRW-FM, the fourth annual concert November 20th at the Universal Amphitheatre.

Also performing with Coldplay’s better half are emerging stars-to-be Rilo Kiley and Nellie McKay.

“KCRW is thrilled that Chris and Jonny are going to perform at this year’s Sounds Eclectic Evening,” KCRW music director Nic Harcourt said in announcing the lineup.

“The concert is not only a chance for us to showcase some of the most famous artists who received our on-air support early in their career, but also up-and-coming artists and bands that we believe in.”

As people who pay attention to such things already know, KCRW has earned a loyal following among music tastemakers with Harcourt’s own programming philosophy and influential shows like “Morning Becomes Eclectic.”

In fact, Harcourt was the first DJ in America to put Coldplay on the air, according to the Los Angeles Times. So it’s just plain good karmic sense to return the favor.

“Nic and the band have had a long-standing relationship,” Coldplay manager Dave Holmes told the Times.

“They’re friends. Nic asked, and they didn’t have to think twice.”

But there’s still a catch for Coldplay fans: Initial ticket sales starting September 28th will be limited to KCRW subscribers only. The general public won’t get a crack at them until October 11th – and in past years, more than half the tickets were sold to KCRW supporters before they went to the general public.

So, pay that pledge early.