Now, these chuckleheads won’t be making appearances at children’s birthday parties or circuses. They will, however, be delivering their cartoonish rap-metal sound throughout the months of October and November to dozens of audiences nationwide.

ICP is notorious for replacing traditional clown paraphernalia (i.e. balloons and squeaky red noses), with stage props that include open fires, chainsaws and liters of cheap soda (not to mention clubbing audience members over the head with a microphone).

The Posse has assured fans this jaunt won’t be your ordinary carnival, describing it as “earth-shaking and totally devastating” – whatever that means.

The Detroit duo (Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope) will violently tour throughout October, making club and theatre stops along the way, which includes a stop in their hometown for Halloween at the State Theatre.

The insanity will also include appearances by Mack 10, Mushroomhead and ABK, according to ICP’s Web site.

The tour will be in support of Violent and Shaggy’s upcoming August CD/DVD release titled appropriately, Hell’s Pit, on their own Psychopathic Records.