Surprises galore are in store as avid music lovers experience the tastes of total strangers in Trading Tickets. Each week hostess Courtney Love forcibly grabs four pairs of tickets for upcoming concerts like Van Halen, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Barry Manilow and The Jim Rose Circus from the show’s contestants, mixes them up, and then randomly hands them back to the contestants for a night of sheer madness. The look on Mr. Rose’s face as the treasurer of the Des Moines Barry Manilow Fan Club asks him to sing “I Write The Songs” is absolutely priceless! Debuting September 9 on the Roadie History Channel.

They’re tough! They’re mean! They’re ready for action! They’re RIAA Cops! Whether they’re filing papers against Kazaa users for trading songs by Sting and Brian Wilson, or lobbing anti-fragment grenades into hotbeds of copyright infringing activities at college dorms, it’s a thrill a minute on RIAA Cops! Debuting September 14, right after the second season premier of MPAA Law!, on the Luddite Channel.

Hang on to your hats! We’ve saved the best for last! Premiering on September 29, The Sound Check Channel serves up the best-unrehearsed moments you’ve never seen. Whether it’s Bob Dylan entertaining his sound man with his right-on Wayne Newton imitation, or Elton John pummeling an inebriated piano tuner in Boise, the Sound Check Channel brings all of music’s hidden moments to your living room 24/7. Don’t miss the channel’s premier when it airs the legendary 1992 Red Rocks soundcheck by Phish – all 19 hours of it!

With these new shows, as well as the return of last year’s hits like Groupie Apprentice or Heavy Metal Nip & Tuck, viewers will be watching TV reality shows like never before. Who would have thought of it? TV, music and reality! What a concept!