The group (frontwoman Kathleen Hanna, ‘zine queen/bassist Johanna Fateman and visual artist/beat-meister J.D. Samson) had a slot on the infamously canceled Lollapalooza 2004 tour before it was nixed.

Fans can hopefully expect some new aerobic dance moves from the energetic Hanna, along with synchronized dance numbers among the three.

Their live shows also include a large video display screen that features artsy, self-made videos, which only add to the energy and excitement of the band’s performance.

Scissor Sisters are scheduled to join them on two U.K. dates in October.

Sometimes, the best things that ever happen in life are accidents – and Le Tigre, a band that blends punk rock’s assertiveness with a playful lo-fi electro-pop sound, was just that – a refreshing musical mishap.

Here’s how it happened: Sometime between the late ‘80s and early ‘90s Riot Grrrl guru Kathleen Hanna came to a profound realization.

She was fed up with always being the girlfriend of the guy in the band, Hanna decided to be the band, forming Olympia, Wash.’s feminist indie punk outfit, Bikini Kill.

During their often confrontational gigs, Hanna was known to ask the guys to move to the back of the rooms while female fans were moved up front.

After releasing several albums that defied the male-dominated Washington scene on the city’s Kill Rock Stars record label, Hanna and the band split; but that wasn’t the end of Kathleen’s reign.

Shortly thereafter, she decided to continue her efforts of combining political and socially driven feminist music with a solo project called Julie Ruin, Hanna’s pseudonym.

Now, this is where the beauty of the tiger enters the picture.

Le Tigre was originally conceived as the live back-up band for the Julie Ruin (an extremely lo-fi indie/electric sound) project. Once the three got together, everything clicked.

“We wanted to make a new kind of feminist pop music,” the band says on their Web site. “Something for our community to dance to.”

Since their inception in 2000, Le Tigre has had four released, with their third full-length, titled This Island, due in stores October 19. The band has recently signed with Universal’s Strummer Recordings.