Along with a passion for African and Latin music, the two performers share an interest in making and presenting art in the digital age.

The concert, presented by Wired magazine, will benefit Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization offering a new approach to creativity and copyright – an approach that respects authors’ rights both to control their work and share it on their own terms.

Building on the “all rights reserved” of traditional copyright, Creative Commons has designed a voluntary system of “some rights reserved” protection.

“The understandable legal battle over music file sharing is strangling the creative potential of the Internet,” said Creative Commons Chair Lawrence Lessig.

“While we should respect the rights of artists who don’t want their work used without permission, we should also make it easier for artists to mark their works with the freedoms they want it to carry, so that other creators can spread their creativity.”

Wired and Creative Commons will make available a live webcast of the concert. Go to for details.