That’s itineraries, as in multiple, because the TSO holiday tour is too big for just one ensemble – it takes two separate groups of musicians to bring this particular brand of cheer across the country.

TSO mastermind Paul O’Neill’s vision of Christmas tales set to rock music has evolved since he brought together some of his former bandmates from metal outfit Savatage to create a rock opera called Christmas Eve and Other Stories and take it on the road.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra quickly became a touring phenomenon, now as much a tradition as any Windham Hill winter solstice caravan but with an edge any Led Zeppelin fan can appreciate.

This year’s TSO outing will support its fifth album, The Lost Christmas Eve, and kicks off an 80-city tour November 11 simultaneously in Biloxi, Miss., and Charleston, W.V.

The two touring companies will hit two cities most nights through December 30, mostly in secondary markets like Louisville, Ky.; Tulsa, Okla.; Green Bay, Wis.; and Spokane, Wash.

There are also major markets penciled in as well, including New Orleans, Toronto, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas and Anaheim, Calif.

“I come from the world of epic rock ‘n’ roll where it’s, ‘Give me a big stage show with as many lights as I can stick on the ceiling, and let me blow people away.'” O’Neill told Pollstar a couple of years back.

That’s exactly the kind of experience the group continues to deliver.