And, with the two-chord song “Roadrunner,” Jonathan Richman wrote probably the last great rock ‘n’ roll guitar riff, right up there with the ones in “Louie, Louie” and “Satisfaction.” He has a catalog of music that spans 30 years.

And yet, to many folks Richman is just the guy who popped up every once in a while in the movie “Something About Mary,” playing a goofy song or two that moved the plot along.


He is a soft-spoken man who still doesn’t have a Web site. Maybe that’s why Richman is credited as being a founder of indie rock but not a lot of people know that.

For those who are hip to him, Richman will be visiting the U.S. and Canada beginning November 1st and wrapping things up in Eugene, Ore., December 15th. In between, he and his guitar will visit Des Moines, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, Grand Rapids, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland (both the one in Maine and the one in Oregon.)

Since Pollstar‘s hip, we’ll see you there. You can buy us a beer if you want.