Like the November 6 date for Nonpoint. We were late adding that one. We admit it. We should have been more on the ball, but that date slipped right under our radar. However, we have a good excuse.

It was the band’s fault.

They didn’t call, they didn’t email, they didn’t fax. They added a new date to their schedule and didn’t bother to tell anyone. Isn’t that just like a band? Isn’t that just like Scissor Sisters, Dixie Dregs and Old Crow Medicine Show?

You might be surprised as to how many problems in today’s world are caused by bands and artists. In fact, recent Internet opt-in polls indicate that 99.989 percent of all problems facing good people like you are caused by bands such as Guided By Voices and R.E.M., and artists like Tony Trischka, Robyn Hitchcock and Evan Dando.

What’s that? Is your underwear too tight? Blame it on Marilyn Manson. You say your car won’t start? Travis Tritt has been known to cause that problem. Is your checking account overdrawn? Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Junior Brown are notorious for that glitch in the system. Got a touch of acid reflux? The cause of that problem has Yanni written all over it.

Truth be told, bands and artists must be held accountable for their actions. Therefore, it’s time to take a stand and place the blame where it belongs. Enough of this “I’m sorry” crap. If a band screws up and leaves you holding the bag, stand up and tell the truth. It was Dylan’s fault that you lost your job, Sting wrecked your car, Dogs Die In Hot Cars ruined your marriage and Neil Diamond kept you from getting a flu shot. It’s time that the bands and artists of the world finally take the blame for everything that’s oh-so wrong in this world of ours. There’s no reason for you to continue to take the blame for that which you are not responsible. It’s the band’s fault. Not yours.

After all, if it works for Ashlee Simpson