Then in the mid-90s, SFX, a media conglomerate that would later be sold to radio giant Clear Channel, began buying major concert promotion businesses across the country.

It wasn’t long before Clear Channel Entertainment seemed to be promoting most of the shows in just about every major city.

But CCE has made some changes recently. Maybe someone realized that “music” and “corporate” don’t always go together – at least not where the fans are concerned.

So CCE is reviving the regional company names and allowing promoters (still owned by CCE) to use their original monikers.

That means concert goers will soon be attending shows presented by Avalon Attractions, (Los Angeles); Bill Graham Presents, (San Francisco); Belkin Productions, (Cleveland); Cellar Door Concerts, (Columbia, S.C.); Cellar Door North, (Detroit); Delsener Presents, (NYC); Electric Factory Concerts, (Philadelphia); Evening Star Productions, (Phoenix); Pace Concerts, (Houston); and Tea Party, (Boston).