But before they go, the quartet has decided to give fans another chance to see them live as they tour the U.S. in support of their October release, Rendezvous.

Luna’s Web site doesn’t really offer details on the band’s disbandment, other than the fact that it’s been around since 1992, for gosh sake.

“This is what bands do (with a few exceptions, like R.E.M., and Metallica, and The Rolling Stones),” Luna says on the Web site. “Those bands, however, are multibillion dollar corporations. You don’t break that up unless the government forces you to.”

But singer/guitarist Dean Wareham and the gang are currently touring the States through December 31st. During that time, the foursome will cover cities in the East and Midwest including: Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

It appears the group will take short hiatus following its November 27 date at Irving Plaza in NYC. Their next scheduled gig happen until December 17 in Philadelphia.

But those who don’t get a chance to catch Luna’s dreamy, Velvet Underground-esque set before the new year may get lucky – the band’s booking agent told Pollstar a few additional dates are expected to follow.